Special insulation materials, such as Fiber-glass and Kapton, are lapped on bare conductors/tube or enameled wire for both rectangular and round wire and then, impregnated with epoxy.

With the partially cured epoxy - insulating material after winding, the wires are adhered to each other during processing in the baking oven to provide a very strong finished product. This special insulated rectangular wires are used for generators and special motors which require superior heat and vibration resistance.
specical insulated enameled wire
Single or Double Fiber-glass Insulated Rectangular Wire
Fiber-glass has excellent physical characteristics, superior heat resistance and especially superior flexibility thus it is predominantly used for stator coil of turbine generator.

Mica Tape Insulated Rectangular Copper Wire
Mica-Polyester compounds generally comprise Mica paper on which a polyester film coat (PETP) is spread using an epoxy resin. Mica paper is a type of paper composed only of small strips of Mica with no admixture or bonding material (100% Mica).

Mica or PET + Mica Covered Rectangular Copper Wire is suitable for class ‘F’ (155°) insulation and it is applicable for manufacturing fields as below.

Application of Mica Covered Rectangular Conductors
• High & Low Voltage Motors
• Generator windings
• Dry Type Transformers

Kapton Insulated Rectangular Wire
Kapton (Polyimide film) insulated rectangular wire is designed for use in applications involving high operating thermal & voltage and such wire is used in aerospace and automotive applications, relays and traction motors, etc.

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